Four in ten seek green car hire

4th Feb 2008

Four out ten car hire customers plan to book an environmentally-friendly hybrid car in the next three months, a poll from car hire broker Holiday Autos shows.British holidaymakers have categorically shown their support for limiting climate change with a massive two thirds of customers surveyed stating they would consider hiring a hybrid car next time they need car rental. 

Furthermore, an impressive 40% of Holiday Autos customers confirmed they plan to hire an environmentally-friendly hybrid car in the next three months.


In November, Holiday Autos became the first car hire company to offer both hybrid cars and carbon offsetting giving customers the opportunity to travel in a more environmentally-conscious manner.


The Hybrid cars can be bio-ethanol, or combine an electrical motor and a petrol engine giving outstanding fuel efficiency making them the most environmentally-friendly cars on the market


Customers have embraced the programme - available in France, Sweden, UK and Ireland - with a conversion rate double that of standard car bookings.


Holidaymakers to France appear to be the most environmentally-conscious with eight out of ten hybrid car bookings taking place the other side of the English Channel.


More than half of the people polled said they would consider offsetting the reduced carbon emissions from their hybrid car hire.


Holiday Autos Managing Director Stuart Nassos said: “Holiday Autos set the standard for the car hire industry to follow when it became the first company to offer both hybrid cars and carbon offsetting.


“I am delighted our customers have backed our industry-leading stance by showing their support for the hybrid car programme.”